Crop Insurance

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Crop Insurance Specialists

Crop insurance is a highly technical field, and is characterised by ever more ingenious – and complex – products for covering all aspects of crop and yield protection. Australian farmers produce a wide variety of broad- acre and summer crops, and providing effective insurance for growers requires a familiarity with differing farming practices that few insurance brokers can boast.

AIA are the crop insurance specialists. Our experienced team includes brokers with decades of agribusiness experience, ranging from the largest broad- acre operations to boutique vineyards. We can get quickly to the heart of your insurance needs and, using our unrivalled access to the Australian and World insurance market, we can arrange highly competitive insurance for any crop.

Broad-acre Crop insurance falls broadly into two categories:

  • Pre- Harvest – you are covered for a sum which is agreed and finalised around 4-6 weeks before harvest. No change can be made to your cover after this date.
  • Post- Harvest – the amount of your cover remains flexible (subject to limitations) through to harvest. This form of insurance provides cover which better reflects the season.

We also offer a highly sophisticated multi-peril crop insurance package providing a combination of risk covers which essentially covers the entire growing season.

To find out which form of insurance is appropriate for your crops, give us a call at AIA today.

In each case, our policies carry a number of other benefits, dealing with such hazards as chemical overspray, stored grain risks and damage by straying livestock.