Stud & Livestock Insurance

Livestock eating grass

Livestock Insurance

Farm livestock insurance is a challenging field, requiring an intimate understanding of animal farming and the techniques it uses. Livestock farmers now require insurance protection from a variety of risks, including the highly technical coverage of genetic material in the form of semen and embryos.

Livestock Insurance from AIA can cover your animals against:

  • Accidental death or injury, with specified cover for vet bills
  • Death or injury arising from sickness, including specified cover for vet bills
  • Impairment of use arising from accident
  • Impairment of use arising from sickness
  • Transit and Export losses

Grazing Livestock Insurance

Your sheep and cattle are among your more valuable investments, both as an asset and as a source of present or future income. AIA will help you analyse your livestock operation, and help you determine a suitable risk profile that balances the premiums you pay for insured risks against the risk you choose to retain.

Stud Livestock

Breeding animals are likely to have a higher value. But that value is crucially related to their ability to perform the function of breeding. An otherwise healthy stud animal may lose its fertility in many ways, from simple accidental injury, though illness to birth defects which may impair the animal’s fertility. Idiopathic infertility, in which an animal loses fertility spontaneously and through no identifiable cause, is far from unknown.

Given the high value of stud stock, suitable insurance cover is vital. AIA are the stud livestock insurance specialists, and can cover a wide range of species. We have a practical understanding of all rural enterprise models, from family-owned studs to multinational agribusiness concerns.

Semen and Embryos

Artificial Insemination and in vitro breeding techniques are playing an increasingly large part in modern livestock production. Valuing these assets and protecting them against loss or damage with optimal insurance is a field that demands specialist knowledge and expertise.