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AIA Insurance Agencies
Experts In Farm Insurance!

AIA is Australia’s leading agricultural and farm Insurance Broker.  AIA reflects the expertise in agricultural insurance broking that lies at the core of our business. Although we’re located in the CBD of Sydney, our roots reach deep into the country, with a team of brokers with hands- on experience of the land. We provide experience and the best deal possible for your farm, livestock and your machinery.

Of course our service is not confined to agricultural insurance, and for many of our clients their rural property is part of a diverse portfolio of personal assets and investments, all of which require the protection of a tailor- made insurance package that strikes the right balance between retained risk and insurance premium.

Our professional, discreet advice has helped hundreds of individuals and agricultural enterprises to create risk management strategies that protect their investments and deliver peace of mind. To discuss your insurance needs with an AIA broker, call us on 1300 033 763 or contact us here.